Securlancets Unik

Sterile single-use safety lancets

Securlancets unik are sterile single-use safety lancets used to perform finger pricks on adults and children in order to collect micro-samples of capillary blood.
Capillary blood sampling is a routine procedure for healthcare professionals.
It is important for this process to be safe and easy, with as little discomfort as possible for the patient.

Securlancets unik are available in two sizes for different blood requirements and skin types:


Securjet Unik



    Needle diameter:
    29 gauge

Penetration depth:
1.5 mm



Securjet Unik



    Needle diameter:
    23 gauge

Penetration depth:
2.0 mm

Easy to use

Step 1

Twist and remove the protective cap

Step 2

Perform the finger prick

Safe handling

Securlancets unik are self-contained units that remain sterile until the protective lancet cap is removed.

The needle automatically retracts after use:

  • No risk of contamination
  • No risk of accidental injuries

Securlancets unik are for single use, lancets cannot be reloaded.

Securlancets unik are marketed in:
Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland

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