GlucoLog BT Plus

GlucoLog BT Plus

GlucoLog B.T. Plus is the Bluetooth Low Energy device for A. Menarini Diagnostics meters, for an easy download of all your test results!

GlucoLog BT Plus

How to use it

  • Pair the GlucoLog B.T. Plus with your Bluetooth device.
    NOTE: If you press the button (C) for 3 seconds, the GlucoLog B.T. Plus will delete any previous pairing and can be paired with another Bluetooth device.
  • Insert the meter connector (A) into the socket of the glucose meter to be connected.
  • Press the button (C) to switch on the GlucoLog B.T. Plus; LED indicator (B) will flash green once.
  • Depending on the model, the glucose meter may turn on automatically; if not, then manually turn on the glucose meter.
  • The GlucoLog B.T. Plus is now ready to transmit; start transmission from the app or software on the smartphone/tablet/PC to which the GlucoLog B.T. Plus is connected.
  • The GlucoLog B.T. Plus will switch off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • LED indicator (B) will flash yellow once to indicate that battery charge is low and the battery must be changed.

For additional information, please see the Quick Reference Guide inside the box of the GlucoLog B.T. Plus device.

GlucoLog BT Plus

IMPORTANT NOTE: pairing of GlucoLog® B.T. Plus with Apple devices has to be initiated from the GlucoLog® app.

GlucoLog® Lite: in the "Receive" page, select the "Receive" button.

GlucoLog® Mobile: in the homepage, select the "Receive" button.

GlucoLog BT Plus - compatibile

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