A. MENARINI Diagnostics SASU belongs to the MENARINI GROUP which was founded in Italy in 1886. Today, the Menarini Pharmaceutical Group employs close to 16.600 people and has a world-wide turnover in excess of 3,2 billion Euro.

A. Menarini Diagnostics SASU, founded in 1976, is a European-wide organization with a Headquarters in Florence and a network of ten affiliates in the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK

A. MENARINI Diagnostics France was founded in 1992 in Rungis near Paris as distributors of IVD and MD products and currently employs approximately 56 people, dedicated to marketing, sales, after-sales service, and customer care activities with the main goal customer satisfaction and Diagnostic.

A. MENARINI Diagnostics France is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for the Distribution and After Sales Service of reagents and instruments for in Vitro Diagnostics and/or Self Testing and has actively chosen to operate in the following strategic areas:

  • Diabetes (self testing & laboratory systems)
  • Urinalysis (sediment)
  • Haematology (ESR, cell counting).
  • Immunology (immunohistochemistry, autoimmunity).
  • Cell Pathology (Cytology)
  • Imagery (immunohistochemistry, autoimmunity).
  • Point-of-Care Testing

and their main product lines are:

  • Hb 9210: HbA1c analyzer
  • B-Analyst: Hba1c analyzer fort POCT
  • Netcare: a software for Laboratory management and control of Point of Care testing (POCT)
  • SediMax: a fully automated urinary sediment analyser
  • Mindray: a complete product line for cell counting
  • Diesse: an automatic system for measuring Erythro Sedimentation Rate (ESR).
  • Zenit: a complete range of instruments, software and reagents for autoimmunity
  • Navigo: Automated slide scanner for smart digital pathology
  • Curetis: Instrument and Reagents for the Identification of Pathogens and Antibiotic Resistance
  • Glucofix Premium: Glycemia and Ketonemia meter for the measurement of glucose and β-hydroxybutyrate on whole blood
  • Glucofix Tech: a state of the art potentiometric system for self-testing of glucose levels in whole blood


Certificat ISO 9001v2015 date 2022-2025:
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Our values

4 values, which have given life to Menarini and shaped its history