"MENARINI Group CODE OF CONDUCT: Integrity and ethics are the foundations of our actions"

As part of its activity, A.Menarini diagnostics France sets itself the highest ethical standards in all its work processes and is committed to promote ethical behavior.

It is in this context that A.Menarini diagnostics France has implemented demanding ethical standards as defined in the Code of Conduct of our Group, as well as in the Code of Conduct intended for third parties of the Menarini group in its entirety.  

This commitment is part of the Menarini Group's Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Program, and A.Menarini Diagnostics France undertakes to inform its employees and third parties of the content and issues of these present codes of conduct and to ensure that they are respected.

These codes include the criteria for the acceptability of behaviors, actions and decision-making inside and outside the Company.

The image, reputation and success of our Group and our affiliate depend on the conduct of its employees, managers and their commitment to respect these Codes, as well as the legislation and regulations in force without any restriction. Your adherence to these principles is fundamental to our future success.

Menarini global code of conduct

Menarini Global third parties' code of conduct 

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