BC-5800 Hematology - Menarini Diagnostics France

The BC-5800 Auto Hematology Analyzer provides additional values for medium-sized labs. Responding to increased demands for high quality read-outs and accurate diagnostic decisions, BC-5800 provides a reliable chemical dye method, complete 5-part differential menu and re-exam rule customization. With the high test speed of 90 tests per hour and touch screen operation, BC-5800 serves as one-stop workstation and streamline routine workflow in a hematology lab.


Laser scatter differential to ensure outstanding accuracy

  • Semi-conductor laser scatter to differentiate white blood cells by cell size and granule complexity
  • Patented cluster algorithm to separate cell groups with great precision
  • Intuitive flagging information to help determine abnormal samples

Fast throughput and increased walk-away automation

  • Optional 2 types of autoloader with 50 or 100 tubes capacity
  • Supports both whole blood and capillary blood samples
  • 90 tests per hour throughput
  • STAT test in open vial mode

Touch screen operation

  • Large color touch screen to access routine functions
  • Standard DMS software for enhanced data management
  • Supports Bi-directional LIS connection

Enhanced diagnostic power

  • Re-exam rules to pull out abnormal samples for further checking
  • Supports microscopic results input on final report

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