New features and functions

SediMAX2 is a significant upgrade of sediMAX with major software and hardware developments. Numerous new features improve user experience and reliability.

  • Up to 120 measurements/hour throughput.
  • For better and better images.
  • Which supports evalution of images captured with the same camera as well.
  • Does not require yearly maintenance.
  • Quieter operation and more precise movements.
  • The evalution module now recognises cocci and rod bacteria separately.
  • The instrument performs sample identification, mixing, aspiration into the cuvette and centrifugration. After the cuvette arrives at the microscope the user has the option to move the cuvette via on-screen buttons and take images of any area of the cuvette, changing focusing height. During the process the user has a live view of the cuvette. Images taken are then evaluated by the new evalution module.

Automated speed, indepth precision


Automatic meets manual for faster and better analysis

SediMAX2 joins rapidity and ease of use in the automatic execution of the entire testing process. This includes video imaging of full-field images of selected specimens, the useful manual investigation option, turning into an efficient microscope for more indepth analysis of the most interesting specimens.


Sedimax2 identifies the sample, shakes it, dispenses it into the cuvette, performs centrifugation and takes the cuvette to the micosope


At this stage, the user can select the manual micoscopy option which allows:

  • live view of the same on screen
  • moving the cuvette at will by means of pratical on-screen buttons
  • changing the focusiong height

The user selects the image, and the new evaluation module of sediMAX2 will process it and generate the result.

This is why two work better than one!

Technical Specifications

Sample Preparation

Automatic, on-board

Sample volume


Analysis volume

0.2ml (200ul)


Up to 120 samples/hr

Load capacity

100 sample tubes (10 samples x 10 racks)

Sample tube spec

Ht 100 – 105 mm, Diam 16 – 17.5 mm

Barcode reade


SediMAX cuvette pack

50 cuvettes in 12 towers (600 cuvettes in total)

Cuvette carousel capacity

600 cuvettes (50 x 12 towers)


On-board. 2000 rpm for 10 secs per sample

Final result

Particle concentration (HPF or /ul) & identified category

Detected particles

RBC, WBC, Hyaline casts, Pathological casts, Epithelial cells, Small round cells, Bacteria, Yeasts, Crystals: Calcium oxalate monohydrate, Calcium oxalate dihydrate, Uric acid, Tri-phosphate, Mucus, Sperm

Result archive

10.000 sample results and images

Wash solution

Distilled water (5L bottle), hypochlorite/ bleach solution

Waste bin capacity

500 cuvettes

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