Simplify testing, streamline workflow and deliver consistent, high-quality results using technology you can trust


  • Fully automated process
  • High throughput: 240 samples/hour
  • Can load up to 100 samples
  • Advanced patented detection technique
  • Sample dosage with the pipetting unit
  • Low sample volume needed (only 2 mL) with liquid level detection sensor
  • No liquid detergents or calibrators needed
  • User-friendly software and ease of operation using a color touch-screen
  • Automated quality control analysis and maintenance procedures
  • Integration to laboratory or hospital information systems

Automation, reliability and capability all in one

UC-MAX is the new A.Menarini Diagnostics urine chemistry analyzer that offers a fully automated approach, high throughput results and improved analytical performance. UC-MAX can evaluate 10 chemical parameters using Lab-Strip U11 Plus GL test strips and 3 physical parameters using the PMC module, delivering accurate, standardized results. The system provides ease of operation with a color touch-screen, sample mixing capabilities and precise dosing for each test pad using the pipetting unit. A patented detection technique and intelligent data management provide maximum efficiency while making urinalysis simple.

A winning combination 

UC-MAX and sediMAX conTRUST PRO, the advanced A.Menarini Diagnostics brightfield and phase-contrast urine sediment analyzer, can be combined to create a fully automated solution for urine analysis


  • Fully automated BF and PC microscopy 
  • High throughput: 130 samples/hour 
  • 20 detected particle classes, including acanthocytes and ghost red blood cells 
  • Fully automated urine chemistry analysis 
  • High throughput: 240 samples/hour 
 Technology  Reflectance photometry, 4 discrete wavelengths
 Evaluated parameters Bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones, ascorbic acid, glucose, proteins, blood, pH,
nitrite, leucocytes via LabStrip U11 Plus GL test strips; Specific gravity, color,
turbidity via the PMC (physical measurement cell) module
 Throughput  240 tests/hour
 Batch size  Up to 100 test tubes
 Min. sample volume  2.0 mL (checked by sample level sensor)
 Memory  max. 10000 results
 Display  800 x 600 TFT – LCD Touch screen
 Printer  Built-in thermal printer
 Barcode reader  Built-in barcode reader
 Size  600 x 520 x 635 mm (W x D x H)
 Weight  55 kg
 Input  100-250V AC / 50-60 Hz
 Power consumption max  200 W
 Interfaces  USB, RS232 serial port, PS2, VGA
 Operating conditions  USB, RS232 serial port, PS2, VGA

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