sediMAX conTRUST PRO is the new urine sediment analyzer of the sediMAX series by A.Menarini Diagnostics offering a fully automated approach for the preparation and evaluation of urine samples. sediMAX conTRUST PRO combines bright field and phase contrast microscopy to capture high quality images in one optical system, leading to accurate results. The built-in digital camera takes and saves both BF and PC images with a dual focusing technique. Fifteen different images are acquired for each sample using both methods and evaluated by a neural network.




  • Fully automated process – walk-away operation
  • No consumable reagents, only single-use cuvettes needed
  • High throughput: 130 samples/hour
  • Low sample volume needed
  • No carry-over and obstruction
  • User-friendly software with easy operation
  • Automated quality control analysis and maintenance procedures


Improved recognition and accuracy. Compared to brightfield microscopy, phase contrast technology provides improved detection of particles and their morphological details, with increased recognition rates.
More particles detected. sediMAX conTRUST PRO can identify:

  • Acanthocytes (RBC-Aca), representing the most reliable marker today for hematuria of glomerular origin when they are ≥5% of the total RBC count.
  • Ghost red blood cells (RBC-Ghost), which easily escape detection in brightfield microscopy due to their low haemoglobin content and low refractive index.

A flag appears in the RBC count if either of these two RBC subtypes is detected. The RBC-Aca flag can be enabled/disabled in the software settings according to the specific needs of the laboratory. Similarly, sediMAX conTRUST PRO can also detect mucus (MUC) and amorphous material (AMO).
Bacteria differentiation. The evaluation module allows rapid differentiation of cocci-like and rod-like bacteria (BACc, BACr).
Brightness. Image brightness can be easily adjusted with a dedicated slider.
Dynamic zoom. This option allows to see sample particles at higher magnifications, suitable to pick up their morphological characteristics in greater detail.
Dual view. A new feature to analyze BF and PC images side-by-side simultaneously by means of high power field-like dynamic images, convenient for the analysis of the morphological details of the particles.
Quantitative results. These can be expressed either as number particles/μL or number/high power field.

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