Zenit fast

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4x, 20x
Optional magnification
Three extra positions to introduce standard microscope objectives, up to five loaded objectives. Maximum magnification 40x
Scanning speed
Less than 30 seconds/well for ANA HEp-2 slides at 20x
Less than 2.5 minutes/well for tissue slides at 20x
Resolution at 20x
0.5 micron
Scanning mode
Single or multiple runs per session
Type of compression
Standard JPEG-2000
Compression level
ANA/ANCA/nDNA: 5-10 MB per well; tissues: 100-150 MB per well
2D Data matrix reader
Bidirectional, HL7 protocol
Scanning capability
HEp-2, ANCA, nDNA, tissues

Automated analysis
Zenit ANA HEp-2 pattern recognition (8 patterns identified): AC-0 Negative, AC-1 Nuclear homogeneous, AC-2,4,5,29 Speckled, AC-3 Centromere, AC-6,7 Nuclear dots, AC-8,9,10 Nucleolar, AC-15,16,17,18,19,20,22,23 Cytoplasmic, AC-21 Cytoplasmic reticular AMA
Dedicated gallery of mitoses on recognized patterns and relocalization

Zenit ANCA ethanol and ANCA formalin pattern recognition (Negative, c-ANCA, p-ANCA, Others). 

Zenit nDNA positive/negative recognition.

Atlas / Pattern guide
Reference images with ANA Nomenclature ICAP codes
Electrical specifications
Power source: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 45 VA
Mechanical specifications
Scanner: Height: 50 cm / Width: 60 cm / Length: 40 cm / Weight: 30 kg
Processing unit: Height: 46 cm / Width: 52 cm / Length: 21 cm / Weight: 15 kg
Display unit: Inches: 24” / Resolution: 1920x1200 / Height: 46-55 cm / Width: 25 cm / Length: 57 cm / Weight: 10 kg

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