Zenit reagents

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A.Menarini Diagnostics is a Distributor of ELISA assays to be used in clinical laboratories.
Such assays are mainly for Autoimmune diagnostics but include also Infectious Diseases tests.
Complete ELISA kits for Bone Metabolism, Endocrinology and Adrenal function are also available.

In the field of Autoimmunity we offer kits for diagnosis and therapy monitoring of rheumathic diseases, Antiphospholipids syndrome, gastrointestinal diseases, thrombosis, vasculitis, diabetes.
Our portfolio includes a wide range of kits ready for use, tested and automatised on Menarini Diagnostics ELISA systems. 

In Menarini ELISA kits the immobilisation method is mainly direct, with the antigen of interest directly coated onto the wells of the microplate, while the detection method is indirect (see picture below).


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